Meet our Makers

This isn't a "pay no attention to the Maker behind the curtain" kinda place.  Meet the magic behind the pieces you love!

Brave Ceramics // Tina Williams

Tina profile nesting bowls
social: @braveceramics

           Hi, I'm Tina!  For the last three years I’ve worked to find adoptive homes for Texas children living in state custody. The stresses and successes of working in child welfare pushed me to reconnect to a time in college spent in studios as a pottery student.
           Each form of clay demands nurturing and process that I find soothing. Having control over the success of the end product alleviates some stresses of the many unknowns in my social work world. Hand building keeps me connected to my medium, so I remain responsive to the needs of the clay. This time with myself requires courage and a willingness to fail and learn that helps me practice bravery in other areas of work and life. So Brave Ceramics grew in the last two years from dedicated focus and an increasing sense of courage to push myself and the clay to welcome and enjoy risk.


Dope Crochet // Ericka Barnes

Ericka profile  dope pink
social: @dopecrochet

          I'm Ericka, the artist and owner of Dope Crochet. My business began with a desire to create one of a kind accessories for myself. I had just cut off all my hair (the big chop) and wanted to rock earrings that made me feel beautiful, feminine, and dope! I love creating pieces that no one else has seen before. Really, who doesn't want to stand out in a crowd?
          Crochet is my therapy. I have the most fun freestyling with unique materials to create something awesome and unexpected. Very much like the course of my life.
           Dope Crochet designs are contemporary and unlike anything else in the world of fiber accessories. All creations are my original designs and are handmade with quality and love in Austin, TX.  


Zeal Studio // Zeineb Alieva

Zena profile  zeal necklace

          Zeineb Alieva is an emerging jewelry artist and designer. She lives and works in Austin, Texas.  Her approach to design is rooted in embracing minimalism and celebrating elegant lines and simple shapes.
          The value of craftsmanship is integral to Zeineb’s work. She designs and produces each piece by hand, implementing traditional metalworking techniques with digital woodworking. Each piece is engineered to naturally integrate wood and metal with quality in mind.
          Zeineb is originally from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Following degrees in Studio Art and Physics from University of Texas in Austin, and an instinctive passion for material experimentation, she started working with wood, metal, and gemstones.  


Mercedez Rex Designs // Mercedez Rex
Mercedez Rex profile MRD pillow
social: @mercedezrexdesign
             Mercedez Rex is an artist and creativity advocate. She believes that everyone has creative potential and that cultivating creativity is a worthwhile pursuit. Her goal in teaching workshops is to encourage others to tap into their own creativity. She does this first and foremost, by offering guidance and instruction on a craft she is passionate about but more importantly, by fostering an environment that values playful experimentation and process over comparison, perfectionism, and fear of failure.


Sugarwoods Studio // Emma M. Major

Emma profile Sugarwoods Desk
social: @sugarwoods_studio

          Hi, I'm Emma - founder of Sugarwoods Studio.  After 8 years working in music & venue management in NYC I wanted to get back to the creative process.  The daughter of a musician and a graphic design artist, I love bringing people together in beautiful spaces to share, create, and learn!
          You'll find my original designs in block prints, wall hangings, and repurposed furniture in the Studio.  I love texture, organic shapes, and warm materials.  Raised in Atlantic Canada, my connection to nature & storytelling runs deep.  I hope you find stories in all the objects I've collected in the studio for you!
           I graduated from Mount Allison University with a double major in Philosophy & Literature.  A true Folk Artist, my music, designs, and craftsmanship are skills honed & passed down from previous generations.  
          I hope to see you in the Studio + Flea soon!


New Origin Shop // Sierra Lewis
social: @neworiginshop

          New Origin Shop is a modern brand providing contemporary handmade crochet bags, accessories, fiber jewelry, and home decor. The shop was launched in early 2017 after my relocation to Austin, TX (or my “new origin”). Living in this vibrant city filled with farmer markets and boutiques initially Inspired the shop (along with my fondness for crocheting whenever I wasn’t out and about).

My products are made exclusively from quality fibers and usually exclude most traditional closures and lining. They’re perfect for accompanying you on your daily activities, while also reducing the impact on the environment. 

I want to provide stylish and affordable selections to shoppers who wants to spend less time fretting over an accessory, and more time doing the things that they love ;)

Silva Makes // Amy Wu Silva

social: @silva_makes_  

AGBB Ceramics // Amanda Breazanno
social: @agbbceramics

          I’m Amanda and I make pottery! I focus on porcelain jewelry and really enjoy making wearable art. All my ceramic works are made in Austin, TX.