About Sugarwoods

Founded in 2018 Sugarwoods is a collective of Makers passionate about sharing their craft.  We're committed to connecting our community with the Arts through the creative practice of coming together ~

About the Founder

Hi, I'm Emma ~

For over a decade I've worked as an Artist, Educator, and Producer in the Arts in NYC.  For a good chunk of my career I worked for non-profits helping emerging Artists find the resources they need to produce their work.  I had the pleasure of serving as The Tank NYC's Artistic & Executive Director, critically-acclaimed National Sawdust's Programming Manager, Coburn Early Music's Producing Director, and as a teaching artist at Manhattan Youth.  When my husband and I found out we would be welcoming a baby girl in 2018 we decided to trade our high rise for the horizon line and head on home! 

A true folk artist at heart, I focus a lot on community engagement with the Arts. Being an Artist doesn't have as much to do with talent as it does with the willingness to try something new.  I hope that you can find something new to try here at Sugarwoods and I look forward to meeting you soon!