Sugarwoods Studio + Flea // 9.14

Sugarwoods Studio + Flea // 9.14

Sugarwoods Studio
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We're shaking things up in more ways than one!  Sugarwoods Studio + Flea is coming to Georgetown, TX and it's got a whole lotta good to do!

First, You.  Yes, YOU!

You're already hustling to make the dream work and we hear that!  To offset the financial burden of doin' what you do we're forgoing the booth fee.  Instead, we're operating on commission with a 30/70 split going towards you, the Maker.  All payments will be settled at the end of the Market via the handy sales sheets you'll be given at the top of the night.

You'll need to provide your own racks, displays, POS, cash float, etc..  Booths must be no smaller than 2'x4' / no larger than 6'x6'.  The Market will be outside in a covered garden so no need for tents!

Now about Passing It On.

At Sugarwoods we encourage folks to use their hands.  If you have a craft, a skill, or some know-how on gardening, home remedies, chakra alignment & the like, won't you please share?  We'll be hosting WORKSHOPS throughout the event.  Depending on the type of workshop you'd like to offer we'll work out timing, location on event grounds, and gear.  All workshop fees will operate on commission with a 20/80 split going towards you, the Educator.


First you'll need to pay the $5 non-refundable application fee.  Please note: the application fee does not guarantee a booth or workshop at the Market.  Shortly thereafter you'll receive an email with a survey asking all sorts of questions about who you are, what you make, and how we might work together!  If you do not align with at least one of the Market's three pillars - handcrafted, local, sustainable - please save your hard-earned bucks for another opportunity.

Deadline for submissions is 11:59pm Sept. 9, 2019

Space is limited and while we're not operating on a first come/first serve basis, we'll only be accepting a limited number of applicants.

** Preference will be given to those Creatives + Educators local to Central Texas practicing mindful, sustainable creative processes.

~ Look forward to meeting you on the other side!